Lane Runner

Available on the Starcraft 2 Arcade

A new take on the hero battle arena, Lane Runner is a fast paced, in your face action game that steps on the gas and doesn’t stop until the Run is over.

Can you defeat the arena?


  • Conquer your lane by defeating 3 markers along the way
  • Fight off waves of creeps that get harder as you progress in your lane
  • Buy items to help defend your lane or make it harder for other heroes in their lanes
  • Focus on opening your lane or stopping your opponents from defeating theirs
  • Once you defeat your lane, conquer the arena by holding The Hill for 3 min.


Aldris the Swift

A former member of the Ghost program, Aldris didn’t take well to covert ops. After several missions went amiss, it became apparent that Aldris chose her own targets. She escaped prison while awaiting a court marshal and has been using her various skills to collect her fortune since. She didn’t get the moniker “the Swift” by chance, Aldris can run so fast, it creates a sonic boom large enough to knock back and damage those nearby. In addition, Aldris has modified her stock C-10 canister rifle to fire a much larger round and has a number of other gadgets at her disposal.

Commando X

The history of this unknown commando is shrouded in secrecy. He says very little and speaks loudest with his actions. He stumbled into the Lane Runner arena a few years ago and has been in competition ever since. Whether he’s here to collect the money or just loves the thrill of the Run, his combat prowess and survival instincts are unmatched. He has a special blend of stim packs of various potencies, a wealth of grenades and deploy-able mini turrets.

Psionist Roqueilis

A powerful High Templar of the Conclave, Roqueilis’ prejudices ran deep against the Dark Templar. Though the Protoss as a whole have healed their wounds, some cuts cannot be healed. Roqueilis honed his Templar skills to be more beneficial for a lone warrior and thus stopped going by the Templar title, he now refers to himself as a Psionist. In his free time he passes on teachings of his Psionist art and sedates his unquenchable anger within the slaughter of the Lane Runner arena.

C’kruik Worldeater

Burning and destruction are C’kruik’s two favorite activities and there is no better place to get both of those than the Lane Runner arena. Formerly a high ranking member of the Devil Dogs Mercenary Squad, C’kruik was said to be able to lift a man over his head, and hurl him at his enemies like a projectile. He has since retired from the mercenary life in search of more thrills and greater danger. He’s picked up a few new gadgets along the way as well including long range remote mines and a localized gravity generator.

Morvok the Fighter

Morvok has been bread in the arena life and raised in blood. He settlement was destroyed when he was a small child by a warring band of Terran pirates moving through the Korpulu sector. He was taken prisoner and sold as a gladiator on a backwater mining planet. His fierceness kept him alive in the arena and he quickly developed a fighting style based on amplifying his momentum into powerful, brute force attacks. He has learned to harness the rage given to him by his slavery and peoples destruction and can now channel the energy to make himself physically larger and faster.

Executor Elarae

Elarae’s battle prowess is well known throughout the Korpulu sector. She was so successful in her campaigns that it got to a point most enemies would just run when her fleet warped in. Elarae developed a new type of shield technology with inverse kinetics that sharded when taking enemy weapon fire and directed projectiles back toward the attacker. This shield technology was not as applicable on a large scale, so she adapted it for personal shielding. Along with her technology, she mastered her psionic powers. Elarae can persuade enemies mentally to join her for a short time or even release a powerful shock wave of psionic energy around her.

Lorac the Lightmaster

Even the mighty Protoss are not perfect and occasionally, things go amiss for everyone. And so it was that when two Templar were merging into an Archon on a planet that was a bit to close to the flare of a white dwarf star. Due to the intense radiation, the merger between the two was never quite complete, the Archon never fully formed and Lorac developed a unique mastery of light and electricity. Lorac himself is actually 2 personalities in one form; Lorac the greater and Irus the lesser. It was an extremely chaotic arrangement as the High Templar are some of the most proud of the Protoss and though they have shared each others thoughts for a millennia, sharing bodies was something different entirely. And so, along with his understanding of light, Lorac found a way to channel small amounts of Irus’s soul into lightning generators that violently rage at everything around them. A small piece of Irus is lost for every generator that is placed, and soon Lorac will be sole proprietor of this incomplete Archon. No one is certain why Lorac chose the Lane Runner arena in his attempt to make the body his own.

Colonel Vlath

The Col. entered the Lane Runner competition to fund his own personal campaign in the Korpulu sector. With all the chaos and dissidence, the sector is ripe for a man of station and class to become a force to be reckoned with. He fights with his battle cruiser in low orbit over the arena, ready to drop troops, supplies and even enter the atmosphere and fight for The Col. for a short time. Once The Col. has built up enough income, he plans to create a stronghold and begin his empire.


Majesty is a queen that was captured on this planet when the Lane Runner executives first began clearing it out for the arena. Through various testing, they later discovered she was attempting to evolve a unique bio-electric strain of zerg. She evolved new creep tumors that not only incubate several broodlings, but also create creep that actually produces a small electric charge. Majesty herself can produce a very large electric charge that, when combined with the charged creep makes for a devastating shock for anything within a large range of her.

Bob the Mechanic

Bob was just a simple mechanic who worked on lights, electric panels and other odd jobs around the arena until one day a trap door malfunctioned and Bob found himself in the middle of a Run. He had to think quickly, so he fashioned a grenade launcher out of a nearby drill and a makeshift robot out of some supplies and proceeded to run the lane. Bob was surprisingly resourceful and could come up with a number of different gadgets from simple materials. Over the years his gadgets have gotten more sophisticated and Bob has developed a taste for the run.

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