Professional Services

Professional Services

and Back Office Support

We create custom processes to help your business run more efficiently.


Small business owners know the hardships of trying to grow their business while trying to run their business.  RedTiger Professional Advising offers short and long term solutions for professionals who need help making their business run and for entrepreneurs who are ready to see their business grow.

Small Business Owner problems:

  1. Managing growth
  2. Short and Mid range planning
  3. Limited Capital

RedTiger solutions:

  1. Streamlined processes to make you more efficient
  2. Ongoing solutions for you to manage yourself, or support to manage them for you.
  3. Short term, contract basis; we don’t affect your overhead or insurance


Business Process Improvement
Program Management
Cross-functional Team Leadership
Project Management
Vendor Management
Business Analysis


We offer a number of services aiding business owners in the following areas:

  1. Operations – General Organization, Back office support, Business Plans, Project Schedule and Cost Outlines, Professionalization (Letterhead, Custom Invoices, Contracts), CRM Implementation
  2. Human Resources – Onboarding, Records, Scheduling, Coaching, Payroll, Benefits
  3. Information Technology (IT) – Software setup, Integrations, Data Management, Data Migrations
  4. Finance – Financial Development Planning, Invoicing, Bidding
  5. Marketing – Advertising, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


  1. How can RTP help me make more money?
    • The short answer is, we DON’T make you money, YOU make money!  We take care of the tasks that take you away from doing the things that make you money. 
  2. Then how do you grow my business?
    1. First you need the right information.  We review your business to see where you are and where you want to be.
    2. Next you need the right plan of action.  We work with you to find effective and innovative solutions with personnel, software, or logistics.  Most importantly, we handle onboarding the right solution, while you keep running your business with as little interruption as possible.
  3. What experience do you have?
    1. Our team has over 30 years experience in process management for companies like Apple, EA, Activision/Blizzard and Expedia.
    2. We have owned or run successful small businesses for 10 years.
    3. We’ve transitioned businesses with starting income ranging from $50k to $10 million per year.
  4. Why not hire a full time Operations Manager?
    • The goal of any great operations manager should be to manage themselves out of a job more or less.  Once automated and streamlined operations are in place, they should ideally only require passing review, which we can train you or your staff to manage or manage for you on an ongoing basis.  Why pay a year of salary and benefits for someone who should only have 3 months of work?

The Team

Chief Operations Officer – Aaron Bothne

  • 20 years experience managing business processes in large companies
  • 5 years growing small businesses in Trade and Engineering fields
  • 3 years owner and operator of startup marking company

Lead Developer – Josef Patoprsty

  • 10 years full stack development
  • 5 years developing video games
  • 5 years web development

Example Tools

Take a look at some of the tools and documents built by RedTigerPro for various different projects.

Previous Clients

Bothne Engineering

Before my son started helping out, my CAD department was really behind. He organized the team and got us on track. ~Dorothy, Owner

Silver Electric and Solar

(Aaron) got my records, benefits and payroll organized and into the 21st century! ~Joe, Owner

Potato Face Games

Aaron worked really hard on the InLeague 2v2 Showdown. I love his enthusiasm for indie devs. ~James, Developer

Andrews Studios

I’m a solo developer and RedTigerPro helped me test, market and launch my game. I could not have done it without him. ~Matthew, Developer

Kinemotik Studios

GamerFace (RedTigerPro) sponsored us at DreamHack and hosted the RaveOff, both were great for marketing our game. ~Ashley, Founder

Missing Sentinel Software

After the success of our demo, we decided to work with Aaron for the full launch and we’re happy we did. ~Seppi, Developer


We’re working with Aaron to get Gem Setter out on Steam and Mobile. We’re glad we chose to do it. ~Matt, Developer

Hancock Design and Build

Aaron helped us set up to manage our projects. We were all over the place, but Aaron was patient and helped us get to where we needed. ~Shea, Owner

Pancake Ninja Shark

We work with RedTigerPro to help with social media marketing. They really work hard to help us get the word out. ~David, Developer


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