Tools and Documents

Tools and Documents

Examples of tools and documents built by RedTigerPro for various projects or businesses.

Project Management Tool

This tool was built in Google Sheets to track projects for a small Engineering firm. There is a main page that pulls project details from each project page automatically. The design is for the desktop version of Excel, using tabs for each project. If this were to be used for Google Sheets, each project would be it’s own sheet.

Business Plan

A business plan designed for the Upload eSports convention, an event planned for the winter of 2019. Working with local gaming industry professionals, RedTigerPro developed this business plan for the event targeted at 60,000 live and virtual attendees and a projected cost of $1.5 million.

Upload eSports Plan PDF

Character Sheet

This is a character sheet created for the Table Top RPG, Death & Taxes Live! It was built first in Google Sheets and then created in Adobe with JavaScript. Both versions are fully functional with automatic calculation of values in white cells and all green cells are edited by the player.