Professional Developing, Marketing and Business Services

Assisting indie developers and other small businesses with back office tasks.

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Development Highlight

Yoko Redux – Full game available now on Steam and Itch.io!

Visit YokoRedux.com to for more info!

What are these Tigers doing?

Offering a fierce range of services

Marketing – Ads, Social, SEO
Operations – Plans, Schedules, Costing
Design – GDD, Graphic, Level
Finance – Planning, Billing, Bookkeeping
HR – Onboarding, Records, Payroll
IT – Software, Data, Integrations

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Creating custom processes to help your business run more efficiently.

We focus on helping small businesses, like indie developers, achieve their goals by offloading tasks that take you away from doing the work you want to be doing.

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Consulting with More than SIXTY years of experience

The team has more than sixty years of experience in business and process management with companies like Dell, IBM, Activision/Blizzard, EA, Apple and more.

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Past Clients

Games produced by RedTigerPro

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Productions News

Silicon Zephyr is coming soon to Steam

Check out the Landing Page

Promotions News

We raised over $1200 to help Matthew Nowacki in his fight against cancer

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