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RedTigerPro and Art Chops band to raise $1200 for a man with cancer. #wacktumors

Friday April 22, 2022

Almost 2 years since our last event to the day…man April is a good time in Texas for events!

We hosted this event along with many others to help this great local Austin game developer, Matthew Nowacki, raise money for his fight against cancer. Along with our partners we raised $1200 for Matthew and have plans for many more events.

Matthew is going to need a lot of help and his fight is by no means over. We were glad to help organize and run this event in an effort to help kickstart future fund raising endeavors.

You can still donate to Matthew on his gofundme page

Check out the full stream on Twitch…

GamerFace and Friends host $10k, 24h Charity Stream for Dell Children’s

Sunday April 21, 2019

On Sunday 4/21/2019 (Starting on Saturday evening) GamerFace hosted a 24 hour charity stream to raise money for Dell Children’s Hospital supporting Vaccinating Children.

It was a long 24 hours but in the end the team raised over $1200 for charity. A bit short of the $10,000 goal but any money for charity helps.

So many local Texans in the gaming community getting together for charity was a great thing to see. It was a great day for gaming!

Check out the full stream on Twitch…

InLeague 2v2 Showdown sponsored by Revolution Spirits

Friday February 1, 2019

It was a great night of VR gaming and drinking at Oskar Blues Brewery where teams of 2 competed in the InLeague Showdown for various prizes.

Revolution Spirits sponsored the event along with ChickenWaffle and 3DegreesAskew who 3D printed replicas of some of the guns used in the game.

It was so much fun to host this event and watch people battle it out in VR.

InLeague developed by PotatoFace games.

AudioTrip VR dance contest.

Saturday October 21, 2018

The dance contest for AudioTrip by Kinemotik Studios (formerly Rave Runner) hosted by Mister Tramps was a great success.

Great local businesses sponsored this event like Pixie Bodyworks and Hoovers Cooking to give away really nice prizes to the winners.

This event was a blast and helped AudioTrip launch their game.

Check out the event on Facebook

Dreamhack Gaming Convention

Summer 2018

Dreamhack was in full swing for Summer of 2018 and RedTigerPro along with sponsored a booth to give some Local Austin indie game developers an opportunity to showcase their games.

We featured games like Laser Mazer, AudioTrip and Blood nor Water plus many more.

Dreamhack is always a great experience but this time running a booth took most of our time and it was hard to participate.

March 2018

In March of 2018, was born, with the vision of aiding Indie developers and Small streamers with a website where they could help each other out.

GamerFace pivoted to focus on local promotions, successfully sponsoring, with RedTigerPro managing, a number of promotional events in the Austin Area to help foster the Indie game scene.

GamerFace Promotions has since been folded into RedTigerPro but the dream of the website still lives on as the niche has yet to be filled, even by Twitch bounties and other similar services.

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