Operations Policy

1. Purpose
2. Rights and Obligations of Users
3. Account Management
4. Naming
5 Chat and Posting
6. User Generated Content
7. User Restrictions and Limitations
8. Service Use Restrictions
9. Recovery
10. Abandoned Accounts
11. Personal Information Management

1. Purpose

  1. This Operations Policy has its purpose for GamerFace.net LLC and Affiliates (“the company”) to provide all players with all the information regarding the game service and the related.
  2. The company shall do the utmost to provide players with a pleasant environment and stabilized game service based on this policy.
  3. The company may change the Operations Policy if needed, to maintain a stable game service, and any change in the policy will be posted in the community sites (Official SNS or other Communities) or the application. Any players shall find the Operations Policy anytime to keep away from any possible disadvantages when using the game service.
  4. Any matters that are against this Operations Policy must follow the ‘Terms of Service’ and the others shall follow the related legislation or the business usage.

2. Rights and Obligations of Users

  1. The Rights of Users
    1. Users may utilize various contents and services related to the game provided by the company free of charge or with charge.
    2. Users can inquire, suggest, and make any claim to the COMPANY regarding any trouble related to the game service.
    3. Users may ask the Company to take a proper action against other users who harmed and violated the Operations Policy or have any trouble in using the game service. The company shall take a proper measure to those players based on this Operations Policy and the Terms of Service.
    4. Users can contact the in-game Customer Center for any inquiries regarding the Operations Policy set forth by the company including any troubles or infringement of rights.
  2. 2. Duties of Users.
    1. Users shall not engage in any conduct contrary to the company’s Terms of Service, Operations Policy, applicable laws and social common norms, which may influence the stability of game services or violate the rights of other users using the company’s game services. The company does not have any obligation to be responsible for any unfavorable situations aroused by users’ behaviors against the Terms in documentations. If any occasion that any user encounters any disadvantage due to reasons attributable to the user, which the user apparently violated the terms, the company can claim civil or criminal liability against the user.
    2. Users shall not commit a breach of such duties that cause any hindrance to the game service or act as a drag on other players game play and shall cooperate to Game Manager’s requests for consultation.
    3. Users shall promptly notify Game Managers when facing Bugs and any other problems in game.
    4. Users shall not perform any actions that present mental or economical infringement to other users by transmitting or spreading any information about such bugs. If violated, users may receive certain punishment set by the Operations Policy and other legislations depending on the seriousness of the fault.
    5. Any activity involving the use, distribution, sale, processing, or disposal of any illegal software or hardware that affects the game other than the gaming client proven by the company may be subject to the sanctions provided by this Operations Policy and other laws.
    6. All information contained in the game service and service is owned by the company and the users have the right to use the information within the service period. Therefore, any user activity shall not be made to obtain commercial benefits by using game services.

3. Account Management

  1. The responsibilities in managing one’s account and personal information are primarily upon the respective user. The company shall not be held liable in the event of an infringement caused by user’s negligence in management, deliberate sharing of personal information and accounts, or transfer of his/her account other than the apparent reasons attributable to the third party. In this case, protection over user’s rights can be limited.
  2. The company shall not approve any account that is shared or traded with or the personal information leaked by the mentioned activity under any circumstances. User’s rights to use the game can be limited without warning if users had attempted to trade the accounts, share it with others, or make deals with the accounts or characters in cash or other items.
  3. The company shall not approve any account that is shared or traded with, or the personal information leaked by the mentioned activities under any circumstances. User’s rights to use the game can be limited without warning if one had attempted to trade the account, share it with others, or make deals with the account or characters in cash or other items.

4. Naming 

  1. ‘Name’ defines every title that users designate and input such as character name, account nickname, level name or guild/faction name used in the game.
  2. Users essentially have freedom to choose their nick name.
  3. Notwithstanding the 2nd clause, the following names are restricted to use and may be changed by the company without prior notice. (Restrictions may apply to actions using the following names)
    1. A name used directly or indirectly as a known name, trademark, name, logo, etc., which is likely to violate the trademark, copyright or ownership of a third party.
    2. A name that is believed as intended to impersonate a company or its employees.
    3. Names that can confuse other users such as The title of the game, Name of NPCs and item names in game.
    4. Names that include names that symbolize or represent swearing, slang, lewdness, sensationalism, and gambling.
    5. Names that are antisocial or against relevant laws.
    6. Names that contain advertising/PR for a specific target
    7. Names that include other businesses and organizations
    8. Names that can be provocative, obscene, or suggestive to others.
    9. Names that can encourage or have the intention of doing business over items and accounts on spot sale or transaction.
    10. Names that disgraces a nationality, race, religion, person, gender, disability, etc.
    11. Some modification of the names prohibited, in a different shape of spelling or a combination of different characters which means the same as the names prohibited above.
    12. Names deemed necessary to be changed by other companies

5. Chat and Posting 

  1. The community (the chat and message board) and community sites (SNS, cafe, etc.) within the game serviced by the company are provided for users to exchange various kinds of information, daily conversations, suggestions on the company and games, etc. necessary for using the game.
  1. The company will do its best to build a pleasant community and provide a stable community service on the grounds of this policy.
  1. The items not stipulated in this policy and the interpretation of this policy should follow the service use agreement, while other items not stipulated herein should follow the relevant laws, regulations, and commercial practices.
  1. Posts that fall under any of the following categories may be deleted or revised without prior notice, and when such posts are repeatedly offensive to other users, the service use can be restricted. When posts negatively affect the environment of the community but do not clearly fall under one of the following categories, the service use can be restricted in accordance with the service use agreement.
    1. Posts contrary to social order or other traditional customs,
    2. Posts containing sexual or vulgar expressions,
    3. Writings containing commercial contents (such as advertisements, promotions, and posts with repeated copied and pasted text),
    4. Posts that confuse other users of the service by distributing false information that has not been introduced through an announcement by the company,
    5. Posts that are discriminatory or biased against any race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or ethnic group,
    6. Posts impersonating the company and operation team,
    7. Posts containing information related to digitally forging or modifying the application,
    8. Posts containing information related to manufacturing, sharing or distributing unofficial programs,
    9. Posts related to cash/spot trades,
    10. Posts exposing personal information or requiring the personal information of others,
    11. Posts linking to harmful sites,
    12. Posts including swear words, slander, or information damaging to another person's honor and dignity,
    13. Posts with antisocial contents, or against the relevant laws and regulations,
    14. Posts infringing the copyrights or intellectual properties of others, or
    15. Posts intended to disturb or slander the business of the company.
  1. The user should respect the rights of others, such as the copyrights of a third party. When sound sources, images, videos, or posts that are edited or fabricated, are used without the prior consent by the copyright holder, such use is considered an infringement of the copyright in accordance with the existing Copyright Act. When information related the above is discovered, the finder is recommended to contact the company so proper measures can be taken.

6. User Generated Content

User-Generated Content (UGC) means any content (such as images, videos, music, sound, voice, or other components) that are created by the "user" using game content that are being serviced by the company.

  1. The "User" is free to create and publish UGC, but it cannot be used for commercial purposes.
  2. The created UGC should be designed not to violate Article 4 Chat and Posting Policy, and any UGC that violates it will be changed / deleted / removed without warning. In addition, the "user" who created it may be restricted from use of the service.

7. User Restrictions and Limitations

  1. User Restrictions
    1. Violating this operating policy may result in legal liability and may result in penalties or legal action from the Company. Violations stipulated in the Operational Policy include, but are not limited to the following:
  1. Improper Conduct
    1. Improper conduct means intentionally disturbing or displeasing the smooth use of services of other "users". If the Company finds a "user" who has acted in an improper way, the company may restrict the use of the "user" in accordance with the Operational Policy.
  1. Cash Trade
    1. Cash trading is an action that the company considers to harm the balance of the game and seriously interfere with other users who wish to enjoy the game in a fair manner. Therefore, all cash trades for game content such as accounts, items and currency, or other goods are prohibited, and strict punishments are applied against such trades.
    2. The company will not take any responsibilities for problems that occur during a cash trade, and the user will be completely liable for such problems.
    3. When a user does any of the following, service use can be restricted in accordance with the Operational Policy.
      1.  Advertising through message board, notes, etc. for the purpose of cash trade,
      2. Generating names that advertise, represent or promote cash trades,
      3.  Repeatedly posting personal information such as addresses, telephone numbers, etc. within the game,
      4. Arranging a cash trade, or leading a user to a site where a cash trade is performed, or
      5. A user is suspected of initiating or otherwise participating in a cash trade.
  1. System Faults and Bug Abuse Policy
    1. When the user finds system faults, bugs, etc. while using the game, the user should not abuse such faults or distribute them to other users, and must report his or her findings to the company without delay.
    2. The user should not intentionally abuse system faults or bugs within the game. As such an action would be considered an action damaging other users' equal enjoyment of the game; the company may restrict the use of the game without prior notice in such circumstances.
    3. Should a user perform any of the following actions, the use will be restricted without warning:
      1. Action of intentionally distributing bugs to other users without informing the company,
      2. Action of obtaining unjustifiable benefits by abusing bugs,
      3. Action of obtaining unjustifiable benefits by using game system faults,
      4. Action of double-using the game exclusively for mobile on a PC by using unofficial programs,
      5. Action of using or distributing forged or falsified versions of the application,
      6.  Action of obtaining an unjustifiable benefit by abusing a vulnerability of the system, rather than a system fault or bug, or
      7. Action of using the game service in an illegal or illegally modified device environment.
    4. Any items, goods, etc. obtained by unofficial programs, system faults, bug abuse, etc. will be entirely removed.
  1. Illegal programs
    1. Any programs not provided officially by the company are considered unofficial or illegal programs, and, when such programs are used, the use of the game can be restricted without prior warning.
    2. An illegal program is a computer program, device or device that disables or prevents normal operation of a service's technical protection. The Company will take strong sanctions against the development, sharing, distribution and use of unauthorized programs that affect unusual services.
    3. When actions are detected such as using various kinds of unofficial programs, using or distributing forged or falsified versions of the application, taking unjustifiable benefits by double-playing the game made exclusively for mobile on a PC, etc., the company can immediately take measures to restrict the use, without prior warning. And, when such actions cause wide-ranging damage and cause huge losses of the business of the company, the company can bring criminal charges and claim compensation for civil damage in accordance with the laws and regulations.
  1. Hacking, account theft and disclosure of personal information
    1. Hacking, account hijacking and personal information disclosure refers to the unauthorized access to another "user" account or the acquisition, use, and distribution of assets of another person.
    2. The Company will take strong sanctions if it develops, shares, distributes, or uses these methods, and may, in some cases, ask the authorities and law enforcement agencies to investigate or seek help
  1. In-Game Disputes between Users
    1. The company makes it a rule not to become involved in in-game disputes between users.
    2. However, in regard to the issues restricted in the service use agreement and the operation policy, the company may intervene in some part or mediate, through an objective consideration of the severity of the issues and/or the degree of influence on the game. In the above case, the service use can be restricted without prior notice according to the relative importance.
  1. Use of Unauthorized Programs
    1. All programs and applications that are not officially provided or approved by the company may be considered as unauthorized programs.
    2. The company will not take responsibility for any issues caused by the use of unauthorized programs and in instances where actions of abusing, disturbance in gameplay or service has occurred by using unauthorized programs, the program users can face restriction in the use of the service.

8. Service Use Restrictions

  1.  The company provides the service use restriction policy in order to supply a pleasant service to users; therefore, when a user performs an action considered an offense under this policy, the user can be restricted in the use of the service on their devices or via their IPs.
  2. In addition, in relation to the issues considered as infringing the general rules and regulations within the service, including the GamerFace.net LLC Terms of Service and the Operation Policy, or all actions considered likely to disturb or seriously threaten the sustenance of a pleasant service and/or actions that intentionally offend other users or interfere with their experience of service, the company can take measures such as warnings, account sanctions and/or limiting the use of service.
  1. Any other activities that are considered to be in violation of general rules of the game, including the Terms of Service / Operational Policy, or any other activities that may interfere with the maintenance of a pleasant MyTime line operation, the company can take action.

9. Recovery

  1. When in-game currency, items, or information are lost or changed due to technical or other issues caused by the company, the company will begin inquiries based on data records in order to allow users to continue playing games without any inconvenience.
  2. Restoration is available only when the issue is reported within 7 days of occurring. However, in cases where it is not possible to confirm objective facts through data records, restoration may not be possible.
  3. The company will not provide any help in cases where in-game items or currency were lost or changed as a result of the user's deliberate or mistaken actions, or lack of caution or awareness of information provided by the company such as notifications/operation policies.
  4. The company reserves the right to change the content of the game through patches and updates if necessary as per technical/operational requirements. Any information changed or lost as a result of such actions cannot be restored.
  5. Restoration of items received through an event or as a reward may not be possible
  6. The following should be kept in mind when requesting restoration:
    1. The issue must be reported within 7 days of occurring, and only by the user experiencing the issue. If not, the company will be unable to use data records to confirm the issue, therefore making restoration impossible.
    2. When requesting restoration, please provide detailed information on how the issue occurred and when.
    3. Making false reports may result in disciplinary action such as being restricted from using the service.
    4. Restoration requests will be processed according to the order in which they are received. This may take some time as resolving issues requires several steps such as confirming the validity of the request and consulting data records.
    5. The request may be rejected or resolution may be delayed if the content of the report is inaccurate.
    6. If the request is made using another user's ID or information, it will be rejected.
  7. Restoration policy may differ between games. In the case that clauses of the individual policy of the game conflict with this general policy, the individual policy of the game takes precedence.
  8. Restoration is not available for currency, items, or information lost due to violation of these Terms. 

10. Abandoned Accounts

  1. In order to improve service and ensure smooth game operation, the company reserves the right to delete character information and character nicknames that fulfill the following conditions.
    1. More than 90 days have elapsed since the last login to the game or service.
    2. The game paid service period has ended.
  2. In the situation that the character information of an abandoned account is to be deleted, the company will give a notice of the deletion schedule via a separate announcement.
  3. According to the Abandoned Account Policy, deleted characters and character nicknames cannot be recovered.

11. Personal Information Management

"User" shall take utmost care not to disclose personal account information such as User ID and password to others, and the "User" shall be responsible for the damage or result caused by intentional negligence of the "User".

The responsibility for damages arising from the sharing of IDs, transfers, cash or spot transactions shall be borne by the "user" who registered or used the ID.

The company provides this operation policy so that game users can enjoy smooth services in a pleasant environment, and can change the operation policy to minimize inconvenience and supply stable services to the game users.

This Operations Policy will be active after May 1st 2022.