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Fact Sheet:
  • Game Name: Silicon Zephyr
  • Developer: Pancake Ninja Shark @SiliconZephyr
  • Producer: RedTigerPro @redtigerpro
  • Log Line: A Pikmin like, speed run platformer where you control swarms of robots, called "Resonites", to solve puzzles and obstacles in creative ways.
  • Release Date: Early release planned for December 2022.
  • Website:
  • Steam: Steam Page
  • Press Contact:
  • Discord: Silicon Zephyr Discord


Silicon Zephyr is a swarm-building action adventure across a land reclaimed by sand.

You play as the mysterious robot AI Zephyr, surviving in a dangerous post-apocalyptic Earth, filled with threats both natural and artificial.  Zephyr discovers Resonites, self-replicating drones that transform to serve multiple purposes.  As Zephyr, you help the Resonites become an army that servers as an extension of you while you navigate the sparse landscape.


  • Pseudo-Linear: While having a critical path and clear visual indicators of direction, environments should prod the player’s curiosity and imagination and invite them to discover secrets and shortcuts and experiment with alternative means of traversal.
  • Designed for speed run game play. Compete against other players via a global Leader Board for the fastest time to complete levels.
  • Collect resources and build up your swarm. Find scarce resources in this sparse wasteland in order to build Resonite swarms and unlock your way forward.
  • Customizable UI and color schemes. Featuring a wide range of color customization and accessibility options for gamers of all types and preferences.
  • 10 Open Levels. With 10 levels, 3 planned for early release, Silicon Zephyr will have a large world full of interesting areas to explore.


Early Gameplay Trailer

The Resonites


Resonites used to chain electrical currents which can do many things from activate mechanisms to electrocute enemies.


Utility-focused Resonites which can be used to protect yourself from the elements, access inaccessible areas, and find secrets


Land-bound Resonites which can be used to construct climbable pillars and platforms and carry heavy objects.


Glass cannons Resonites which are speedy, potent in combat and can be armed to explode.

Key Art